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Fast acting insulin

Insulin Novorapid Flexpen: Information

Insulin Novorapid is a well renowned, speedy, and relatively convenient means of acquiring the wanted amount of insulin.


The structure of this active ingredient is that of a 51 amino acid peptide hormone. The particular combination of these amino acids thus leads to the chemicals mixing with certain receptors in the body that can then elicit a specific change in molecular signalling which then lead to a number of larger physiological changes that may be favourable for both clinical and aesthetic populations.

These changes, which can be elicited through the use of a Novorapid Flexpen, include:


  • A decrease in blood glucose levels;
  • A rise in the Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 signal;
  • An intracellular storage of amino acids, fatty acids, and glycogen;
  • An attenuated rate of lipolysis, proteolysis and glycolysis.


This has led to many people in aesthetic or athletic circles using the product in an attempt to accentuate lean tissue accumulation and subsequent gains in force capacity, as well as for the far more common purpose of controlling blood glucose levels in the diabetic populace.


However, for those who seek to buy Insulin Novorapid Flexpen for the former list of reasons, it needs to be said that the use of this chemical for those purposes can carry some very serious, and even potentially fatal consequences with use, particularly with higher, excessive, irresponsible, or unnecessary use.


These will be viewed in further detail in the sections following below. But first, we'll look at how you can use this particular device, whether it is for more clinical, more aesthetic, or more competitive purposes.

Instructions on How To Use

As said in the above section, the Insulin Novorapid Flexpen offers a more convenient and rapid means of administration of this product than more manual means of taking the drug, namely through drawing the chemical by hand with an empty syringe and injecting it.


This item can provide a more accurate and precise means of doing this, as the dose can easily be selected by adjusting the dial on the top of the pen. Once an Insulin cartridge is placed in the device, the chemical can be administered by pressing on the injection button.


It should also be noted a sterile syringe top will need to be to be affixed to the pen by screwing it on to the appropriate location.


The Novorapid Flexpen can then be used to deliver the chemical into the system, which is usually done through injecting in a number of subcutaneous sites, such as the abdomen or the thigh.

From there, the item should take effect relatively quickly, depending on the type of insulin you're taking, its attached chemical delivery agent, and how long this agent prolongs the processing of the chemical by the body once it has been taken.


Next, we'll take a look at how much of this item may be taken by clinical and recreational users, as well as what the usual doses available with the cartridges of this device are.

Insulin Novorapid Dosages

The Insulin Novorapid dosage is, as in the case of most drugs, set as is necessary through either the medical condition possessed and its severity, or the desired outcome of the user.


But, those who are looking to buy Novorapid Flexpen should know that the amount in the cartridges can usually be set at 3 millilitres with a concentration of 100 International Units per millilitre.

For added context, the most commonly reported amounts of this chemical used for more recreational or competitive purposes in those seeking to boost their aesthetic or sporting prowess has been reported at around 1 International Unit per 15 to 20 pounds of bodyweight, or lower for more inexperienced users.


This means that the Novorapid Flexpen doses provided in the cartridges that are placed in the pen will likely last a lot of users throughout a full period of use, the overarching purpose of which is generally the accentuated acquisition of mass, both lean and adipose, and the potential secondary perks this may bring, such as an accelerated rate of recovery and a higher force and power output capacity, which itself also has the potential to aid competitive outcomes.

Now that both the methods of use, as well as the amounts that are commonly used by competitive or recreational populations have been discussed, the potential drawbacks, some of which can be serious, of the use of this agent, mentioned earlier, will be discussed below.

List of Side Effects

As mentioned in the two of the above sections, some of the potential side effects of Insulin Novorapid Flexpen can be a serious concern and merit careful thought when looking to get this item for the competitive or recreational purposes means spoken of above, instead of for medical reasons.

This is because some of the unwanted events associated with Insulin can involve:


  • Hypoglycaemia, which is the most serious event associated with the use of insulin, and can lead to disorientation, loss of consciousness and death. The symptoms of mild to moderate hypoglycaemia can include hunger, drowsiness, blurred vision, a tingling sensation, light-headedness or headaches, changes in mood, tremors, dizziness, palpitations, sweating, slurred speech, problems concentrating, anxiety, sleep disturbances, abnormal behaviour and unsteady movement. To help treat mild to moderate hypoglycaemia, a sugary food or drink should be consumed immediately following symptoms, with urgent medical attention needed for severe hypoglycaemia. If feeling sleepy, this can be a sign of hypoglycaemia and an increased need for carbohydrates. Sleep should be avoided for the duration of the drugs actions, as it may lead to severe hypoglycaemia during sleep. A glucometer can be a useful tool here;
  • Lipolysis local to the site of injection can also be present;
  • There may be a greater chance of developing insulin resistance;
  • There may also be a greater chance of developing illnesses like Alzheimer's Disease later in life;
  • There may be a chance of experiencing an allergic reaction in some individuals, which could include localised issues like itchiness and swelling at the injection site, or systemic issues like wheezing, shortness of breath, rashes, and a drop in blood pressure, in which case medical attention may be required.


These are all issues that must be considered if you are interested in getting the Insulin Novorapid pen in order to protect your health and ensure you get the most out of the chemical’s use. 

Package 1 pen (3 ml/pen)
Manufacturer Novo Nordisk
Substance Insulin
Common name Insulin NovoRapid Flexpen

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