HGH Fragment 176-191 (5MG)

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Physical State: Lyophilized Powder

Appearance: White
Molecular Formula: C78H125N23O23S2
Purity: 98.14%
Source: Chemical Synthesis

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For many users of anabolic chemicals, there is generally a common awareness of different, related agents. However, even for more experienced practitioners, one could be forgiven for not knowing about, or even hearing of, the Fragment 176-191 substance.


This growth hormone is a particularly rare item, even in athletic or competitive circles, despite its creation primarily for these types of individuals. This is because the agent is a modified form of the more renowned and common HGH chemical.


The HGH Fragment 176-191 is so named because it has been created by cutting away the portion of the original chemical that contains the 176th to the 191st amino acids. This leads to it exerting a more direct and specific effect on the body than its parent chemical once taken.


Namely, it is meant to exert the lipolytic impact of the former parent agent through upregulated fuel metabolism without a concurrent upregulation of the insulin-like impact of the more complete agent, which may alleviate some of the potential adverse effects, albeit at the potential expense of some perks.


As you may suspect from reading the above, it is impossible to get this compound from conventional vendors like pharmacies, as it is normally made in underground labs and research facilities, contributing to its name as a “research chem.”


This means you will have to buy Fragment 176-191 online to involve it in your program. The details of how this can be done will be elaborated upon below. But first, it is key that you understand how this agent is commonly used by those in aesthetic or athletically-focused circles.

How to Use Fragment 176-191

Fragment 176-191 can be taken in oral or injectable form. In either case, it is either taken through a given number of tablets or either intramuscularly or subcutaneously, with the latter reported as the more common form of administration.


In all of the above cases, it has been reported that the best absorption will come about through administering the item on an empty stomach. It may also be a good idea to take it at regular and consistent intervals throughout the day and from one day to the next.


Because of the main impact of the Fragment 176-191 for sale discussed above, it is mainly utilized during periods where the main objective is to accentuate lipolysis for a maximized physique to finalise it before a competitive event, or for improved force-to-mass ratio.

However, it may also be used during a phase where the overall objective is efficient accumulation of lean mass.

However, for the latter types of phases, the use of the effect of other, more complete objects such as the CJC-1295 may be utilized instead.


So, for those who decide to purchase Fragment 176-191, including it in your program effectively should be a top priority.

Cycle Information: Doses and Length

Due to the rare and unique nature of this HGH, there is a distinct paucity of research examining the amounts of this chemical used and how long it is used for when seeking the above-mentioned outcomes.


A commonly-reported Fragment 176-191 cycle would be between 4 to 8 weeks, as is the case with some other agents used for phases where the objective is physique maximization or adipose tissue reduction.


Within this period, a commonly reported Fragment 176-191 dosage is approximately 5 micrograms per day. This is primarily based upon the previous use of this item by other users.


This is an important consideration when you go to buy Fragment 176-191, as it will help you gauge how much of it you may need for a given period of use or for a couple of training phases.Thus, you’ll know how much you’ll need to order.

Possible Side Effects

Much like the above section on how long and how much of this drug is used, there is also a paucity of formal research examining the possible side effects of this item. However, one of the factors attracting users to this human growth hormone is a proposed lack of Fragment 176-191 side effects, due to its more specific impact on the body and a lack of insulin-like effect. This may reduce the odds of obtaining insulin resistance, as well as the normal unwanted events associated with any HGH for sale online.


This means that the majority of unwanted concurrent events of the Fragment 176-191 peptide would be related to the administration of the agent, such as injection site soreness, irritation, or itchiness, as well as a possible site infection, the chance of which can be minimized by rotating the sites of injection.


These should be considered, as well as the need for further research on the item, when you are going to buy Fragment 176-191 online.


So, some may want to consider it as a HGH alternative if they are concerned about the unwanted events it would entail.


On this topic, we will discuss how you can get this HGH from online vendors such as this website.

Best Place for Buying Fragment 176-191

After discovering this item, or from reading the above sections, you may be considering buying Fragment 176-191 online.


However, as we stated in the earlier sections in this piece, it is impossible to get it from brick-and-mortar facilities, and it will be very tough to get it from underground dealers too.


This leaves sites like this one as one of the only options for most to find Fragment 176-191 for sale. The independent review boards available to potential buyers online and the range of other items from this site make it a way you can get the Fragment 176-191 with as much transparency and cost-efficiency as possible.


Then, you can start including it into your regimen for accelerated progress towards your desired results.

Package 1 vial (5 mg/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance HGH Frag 176-191
Common name HGH Frag 176-191, HGH Fragment 176-191

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