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BPC 157 is a recently introduced synthetically designed and structured peptide. It is made from a set of 15 amino acids, that are not found in natural sources. However, it is a derivative of a peptide that is found in the stomach and is used to help protecting the stomach during digestion.


This is a very recent research chemical and, as such, has extremely limited research on its use on humans overall. Those using it for sporting or aesthetic purposes hence have limited information about it. This is discussed in further detail below.


However, its primary use in research means that it is impossible to acquire this product in any other area than laboratory and trial settings.


This means that if you want to buy BPC 157, you will have to do so through underground labs, dealers, or online vendors. The latter of these often offer greater transparency and cost-efficiency than the former two options.


This is because online vendors usually provide independent reviews and it is much easier for online patrons to check the price of the product from competing sellers. There are also an abundance of independent websites and forums where previous users often share their experience of using the drug and how they compare it to other products they've bought, in order to add clarity in the results you may experience and whether it's worth your time.


So, if you're looking to get the BPC peptide, you are usually better off getting it from online vendors such as this website. Here, you can simply request the item electronically, in its desired amount. You can then enter where you want the item sent out to, after making a convenient and quick electronic payment via credit or debit card.


However, before you proceed, you should be aware of the potential perks and drawbacks regarding its use, as well as how it is commonly used by those looking to boost athletic capacity and appearance.

Benefits and How To Use 

As stated above, the research on the use of BPC 157 has this far been limited to rodent and animal studies. For this reason, it is hard to state with absolute certainty what the impact of human use would be, positive or negative.


However, the main BPC benefits stem from its ability to increase the amount of a VEGF-type signal in the body. This signal is instrumental in angiogenesis, which is a term used to describe the creation of new blood vessels in the body.

It has also been shown to have a positive impact on growth factor production in chemical growth factors such as EGR-1, which would mean the item could have a potentially beneficial impact on muscle and tendon tissue.


It also exhibited a protective impact on nervous system and brain cells, along with the stomach and intestines. This means that the item could be a very useful compound for aiding recovery and adaptation to training, particularly endurance training or cardio. It's also been proposed as a potentially useful item to help recovery from injuries, due to the effects above.


But, before rushing to find BPC 157 for sale, it’s also important to consider potential drawbacks that may occur and how to use it.


The former is discussed in further detail in the below sections, but, as for the latter, this item is taken as a BPC 157 injection. This is administered through either a subcutaneous, as through the abdomen or thigh, or intramuscular injection, as through the side shoulder or buttocks. This administration takes also place after it has been mixed with bacteriostatic water if necessary. 

BPC Peptide Dosage Information

Despite the lack of research on human use of the compound, there has been a BPC 157 dosage range proposed by some individuals for humans. This usually corresponds to around 1.6 nanograms per kilogram of bodyweight. This would correspond to a 120 nanogram amount for an average 150 pound person. However, this amount may change or vary over time with more research.


However, as mentioned before, prior to looking at where to purchase BPC 157, it is key to look at potential drawbacks of the item, in order to get a full understanding of what its use entails.

BPC 157 Side Effects and How To Avoid Them

Fortunately, thus far, there have been very few side effects of BPC peptide reported with its use, even by those buying BPC 157, as they experiment it with the concurrent use of the peptide, for athletic and aesthetic purposes, even at higher doses. However, caution is advised, especially when combining this item with other agents, as this makes any potential side effects less predictable, lack of research notwithstanding.


Longer term adverse effects are also uncertain, due to lack of investigation on the use of BPC 157 injections in humans over a long timespan.

Package 1 vial (5mg/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance PL 14736
Common name BPC-157 5MG, PL 14736

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